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Below are links to some of the equipment used by bridge directors. Suppliers listed should contact ther webmaster to request a change, and suppliers of related equipment are invited to provide us with details for inclusion on this page.

The ABDA makes no recommendations or guarantees about these products - potential users should satisfy themselves as to the appropriatenness of the item.

Tabletop Scoring Units

Program Photo Details (as provided by vendor) Web site
Bridgemate II BM2 pic Bridgemate II is the successor of the popular and widely-used Bridgemate Pro scoring system. Bridgemate is used by more than 3,500 clubs in 51 countries; it is the premier scoring system of 25 national bridge organisations, the World Bridge Federation, the Australian Bridge Federation and European Bridge League.
Bridge Scorer BridgeScorer pic Bridge Scorer, distributed in Australia by ASE Computing, is a bridge scoring system that uses modern technology for electronic, wireless scoring of all kinds of bridge tournaments.
BridgePad Bridgepad pic The BridgePad scoring system, developed by a lifelong Duplicate Bridge player, is a sophisticated, yet easy to use Contract Bridge Scoring System for eliminating the distracting and time-consuming tasks of the traditional paper-based scoring system.

Dealing Machines

Company Photo Details Web site
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Dealer4 pic Popular dealing machine used in many Australian and overseas brige clubs.
(Duplimate Australia)
Duplimate pic Duplimates are used all over the world for pre-dealing bridge hands for lessons, clubs, and tournament play.